High packing density industrial sewage treatment of ptfe flat sheet membrane

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Beijing, China (Mainland)
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Filtration mode:
Gravity/Suction filtration
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diameter 40mm male o-ring
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Supply Ability:
500 Piece/Pieces per Month
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Tianjin,Beijing,Shenzhen,Guangzhou port
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two weeks after receive the payment
Product Details

Canpure Flat Sheet MBR Membrane Module adopts PTFE membrane material,features high anti-fouling

capacity and low filtration resistance,suitable for gravity filtration.It is manufacture dby unique cassette

structure,features higher packing density. The module is designed for superimposed arrangement,and 

thus less aeration and lower operating cost.

Characteristics of Canpure flat sheet membrane

PTFE membrane materials

The Canpure flat sheet membrane element adopts PTFE membrane materials. This kind of raw materials 

have strong chemical stability and a surface property difficult to stick substances. Thus, the membrane 

element has an extremely strong anti-pollution capacity, and at the same time, it can tolerate high-

concentration chemical agents, so the cleaning effect is more thorough.

Permanent hydrophilia (patent technology)

The loss of hydrophilic groups caused by membrane operational pollution and cleaning is one of the 

important factors that bring about membrane flux attenuation; therefore, it is crucial for membrane anti-

fouling performance to keep permanent hydrophilia of membranes.

The Canpure flat sheet membrane element adopts proprietary technologies so that the PTFE membrane 

can gain permanent hydrophilia. The pure water flux is over 1000L/m²•hr, at 1mH2O.

Gravity filtration membrane

The Canpure PTFE flat sheet membrane is manufactured with the two-way stretch process with porosity 

over 80% and extreme low filtration resistance; the trans-membrane pressure is lower than 0.5mH2O 

under general flux, which makes it possible to perform gravity filtration (filtering without a pump).

Open-type cassette structure

The Canpure flat sheet membrane module adopts an open-type structure at lower and upper ends, which 

can effectively prevent hair and paper materials in sewage winding or plugging and avoid silt 


High filling density

The Canpure flat sheet membrane module adopts a unique box-combination method; since the 

membrane module cancels the middle PE supporting layer and its thickness becomes small, the filling 

density of membrane modules is significantly improved.

Superimposed arrangement and energy efficiency

The Canpure flat sheet membrane module is placed through multi-layer superposition; in this way, the 

projection area of MBR membrane system could be greatly reduced for the same treating water quantity 

and membrane area, to substantially decrease quantity of operational blasting air and reduce operating 

cost of membrane system.
Product Introduction

Chemical cleaning system

The chemical cleaning is divided into two categories: one is medicine cleaning in normal case and the 

other is chemical cleaning in place.

The flat sheet membrane system shall be subject to normal medicine cleaning regularly; start chemical 

cleaning procedures after the membrane system produces water normally for a period of time; such 

process can be operated automatically and also controlled manually. Inject the prepared solution into 

the chemical cleaning hopper with a dosing pump and it will flow itself into the flat sheet membrane to 

realize cleaning from inside to outside.

※Notes: The medicine cleaning hopper shall not be too high and the difference with operating level shall 

be preferably more than 1m but less than 2m.

The cleaning-in-place system of flat sheet membrane system is composed of the dosing pump, storage 

tank, related cleaning and dosing system and pipes. The cleaning-in-place system can realize 

automatic or manual control. The dispensing can be executed via a dosing pump or directly in the 

membrane tank. After chemical solution is prepared, immerse it firstly and carry out aeration to the 

membrane system regularly to improve cleaning effect; carry out a circulation cleaning for chemical 

solution during immersion by using the cleaning pump as the circulation pump of chemical solution; at 

this moment, control the flux within the designed operating flux. If necessary, provide a heating device 

for the chemical-dispensing tank.

Product Parameters
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Application area

As for the project with different water sources and purposes, the main uses of Canpure flat sheet MBR

membrane include:

1.Update of existing urban sewage treatment plants, especially the plants whose effluent quality cannot

meet standards or treatment flow increases sharply but it is impossible to increase floor area.

2.Areas or places which have sewage reuse demand, such as hotels, car-washing industry, and mobile

toilets where the advantages of small MBR floor area, compact equipment, automatic control as well as

convenient and flexible layout can be fully exerted.

3.Treatment of high-concentration, toxic and hardly-degradable wastewater. It is a kind of common

point-source pollution, like industries concerning paper-making, sugaring, alcohol, leather, synthetic

fatty acid, etc. MBR can carry out effective treatment to the wastewater that cannot meet standards with

conventional water treatment technologies, and then realize their reuse.

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