Submerged ultrafiltration membrane module industrial waste water treatment Seawater desalination pretreatment

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Beijing, China (Mainland)
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625*2000*30 mm
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Supply Ability:
2000 Piece/Pieces per Month
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Tianjin,Beijing,Shanghai,Shenzhen Port
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Two weeks after receipt the payment
Product Details

The Canpure curtain type membrane module adopts a full-open design to prevent polluting dead angles 

and is obviously advantageous in large-scale systems with the strengths such as strong adaptability to 

membrane water, high packing density and small floor space.

Product Features

Complex Thermally Induced Phase Separation (c-TIPS) PVDF UF Membrane

/patented technology/

Canpure PVDF membrane is made by Canpure’ s patented c-TIPS technology. It has capillary strength

higher than PVDF membrane prepared by NIPS Method and much better filtration grade than PVDF

membrane prepared by conventional TIPS Method.

Permanent Hydrophilic Property / patented technology /

During the preparation of Canpure PVDF membrane, hydrophilic substances are added and special cross-

linking technique is applied, endowing the permanent hydrophilic property of the capillary, more stable

product water flux, improved anti-fouling property and better cleaning recovery.

High Anti-oxidation Performance

Canpure PVDF membrane has high crystallinity, can tolerate oxidant with higher concentration, and thus

can achieve more profound cleaning effect and longer life.

Double-end Water Production

Permeate water is produced from both the lower and upper ends in Canpure Membrane Modules. This

offers larger flux and more even distribution of fouling load than traditional single-end water production

mode, and also effectively reduces the TMP and prolongs the operation cycle.

Soft Potting /patented technology/

The soft potting technique initiated by Canpure realizes the flexible connection between the “root” of the

capillaries and the soft layer of the potting material, and prevents the break of the root of the capillaries.

Product Introduction

Physical Backwashing

 When the filtering time reaches set value, enter the physical backwashing procedure; single 

membrane tank can be controlled independently, so as to be convenient for backwashing, overhaul and 


 Close the water supply valve, and stop supplying water to membrane tank;

 Continue to implement the water production procedure, till the liquid level of membrane tank reduces to 

the ruled liquid level at the top of submerged hollow fiber microporous membrane module; the detailed 

time shall be determined according to actual system (generally designed as 15-90s), and then stop water 

production procedure;

 Start up backwashing pump, and the backwashing water source refers to water produced by the 

system itself, and the backwashing water flux is 1-15 times as large as water production flux; 

backwashing water penetrates the membrane wall from inner to outer, and then flush pollutants away 

from the membrane surface; while starting up backwashing pump, start up the aeration system, and then 

conduct effective wiping and cleaning to external surface of membrane fiber according to design air 

washing flow; meanwhile, shake hollow membrane fiber, so as to make pollutants fall off;

 Generally, the air-water backwashing duration is 30-90s; if the backwashing water amount exceeds 

liquid level of membrane tank, the backwashing water may flow out of the membrane tank through 

overflow pipeline, and then return to front raw water tank;

 According to detailed water source situation, design to empty the membrane tank after n times of 

backwashing; the membrane tank after being emptied shall be filled with water again in time, and then 

enter the water production procedure after reaching the suitable liquid level; the drained waste water can 

be collected independently, and then return to pre-treatment unit of the system after simple treatment;

Chemical Enhanced Backwashing (CEB)

 The chemical enhanced backwashing cycle of the system will be adjusted according to actual system 

operation situation, and is to be controlled by time;

 The CEB procedure of submerged hollow fiber microporous membrane system adopts sodium 

hypochlorite as frequently used agent, and with regard to individual water sources, it is necessary to add 

hydrochloric acid (or citric acid mixed liquid) agent; the purpose of sodium hypochlorite is to relieve 

organic and biological pollution, and the available chlorine concentration refers to 2-5ppm generally;

 The chemical enhanced backwashing procedure is the same as physical backwashing, and it is only 

necessary to add agent of a certain concentration into backwashing water, so as to strengthen the 

removal effect of pollutants on membrane surface; after CEB is completed, it is suggested that the 

membrane tank should be emptied;

 After above operations are completed, enter the water production procedure automatically;

Product Parameters

Application Field

With regard to the projects of different water sources and usages, Canpure submerged hollow fiber

microporous membrane can be used independently or can be used to cooperate with different combined

treatment processes, and its main usages include:

 It can be used for recycle and treatment of up-to-standard sewage and wastewater, which may

effectively reduce SS, turbidity, bacteria and other insoluble substances in sewage;

 It can be used as pre-treatment process of RO/NF, and effectively guarantees that SDI value is smaller

than 3.0;

 It can be used for upgrading and reconstruction project of water treatment plant; it can effectively

utilize landform and original tank body process, and guarantee the removal effect of cryptosporidium 

and giardia;

 It can be used for pre-treatment of sea water desalination, and is applicable to fluctuation of water

quality of water source;

 Chemical enhanced ultrafiltration process, combine enhanced flocculation and oxidation and add

powdered activated carbon, so as to increase stability of system operation and adsorption efficiency of


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